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Our idea of professionalism is likely what other people might consider an obessive-compulsive disorder.

Alex McDonald, Managing Partner

About Meridian Security Group

Meridian Security Group is the premier security specialist, based in Charleston, South Carolina, serving the South Carolina area and beyond. We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of security options to meet any client’s requirements.
Meridian Security Group specializes in residential, commercial and executive protection security, with the ability to provide clientele any and all combinations of the following:
  • Unarmed Security
  • Armed Security
  • Special Event Crowd Management
  • Vehicle Roving & Foot Patrol
  • Specialized Private Protection
  • Personal Security Escort

Our team members have the training and experience to handle any difficult situation.

Whether servicing a private dignitary, needing discretion and poise, or staffing a large public event, requiring various levels of security and management, Meridian Security Group is your top choice for the best in any security detail. Our security personnel are vigorously vetted and thoroughly trained to provide the highest caliber of staffing, customized to our clients’ needs, prepared to resolve any situation and ensuring that safety and effectiveness is only the very best.

Our extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedures verify each job candidate’s background and assess a variety of personal qualities, including trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. Before hiring, our team members undergo a rigorous, multi-level interview process and a background check. They undertake a comprehensive training regimen that includes de-escalation tactics, safety measures and emergency protocols.

Meridian Security Group also leads Security Training & Instruction Programs, using its MERIDIAN METHODTM Training Program for South Carolina security personnel, working closely with City, County and State Law Enforcement. Expanded services include acting as a S.L.E.D. Certification and Training Center with (CWP) Concealed Weapon Permit Training for outside personnel and organizations, as well. For more information on our MERIDIAN METHODTM Training Program, please see our Services/Training Page.

Our Philosophy

Meridian Security Services believes in maintaining a very transparent organization and work in partnership with clients to build relationship based upon a respective trust. We work to understand our clients’ business needs and to ensure we create custom security service solutions that provide them with the highest level of protection, for people and property. In providing Security that ranges from Crowd Management to Unarmed and Armed Security to Roving Patrol, we have the ability to customize teams for every variation of these details. Meridian Security Services has a network of staff working on a regular basis across the Lowcounty, with a dedicated contract management team for each and every client.

Our goal is to provide Security Services that far exceed what is available from our industry competitors. Our mission is to become one of South Carolina’s leading security service providers. We aim to do this by delivering the highest quality of service to both our existing and future clients.

Professional is not a label you can give yourself. Rather it is a description you hope others will use to refer to you and your company.

The clients we want to work with don't hire amateurs. That why they hire us.

Alex McDonald
Managing Partner