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  • Unarmed Security

    Unarmed Security

Our Unarmed Security Officers are highly-trained, professional and reliable.

Meridian Security Group specializes in residential, commercial and executive protection security services. We are capable of providing specialized services by hand picking our team to address your specific needs.

Meridian Security is staffed with licensed, SLED compliant, highly-vetted and trained unarmed security and crowd management personnel. Our extensive pre-employment screening and selection procedures verify each job candidate’s background and assess a variety of personal qualities, including trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. Before hiring, our team members undergo a rigorous, multi-level interview process and a background check. They undertake a comprehensive training regimen that includes de-escalation tactics, safety measures and emergency protocols.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe and secure work environment while maintaining an exceptionally high standard in Customer Service.

Meridian Security provides security officers the necessary infrastructre to maintain our professional standardand provide extraordinary services to our clients.

It is essential that the Unarmed Security detail is courteous, kind and interact with your customers and patrons with a smile. They are instructed to utilize their skills to de-escalate tense situations, prevent theft, vandalism and violence.

Meridian Security Officer dispatched for any unarmed security posts shall be beyond reproach in their dress and deportment and possess excellent communication skills as well as the ability to operate with little to no direct on site supervision. We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of security functions to meet any client’s requirements.

Breakdown of our Unarmed Security Services

Commercial Unarmed Security

At commercial locations, Meridian Security Group can facilitate security staff from as minimal as a single Unarmed Security detail monitoring a single point of entry, to large multi-level, multiple entry point establishments needing varied levels of restriction with a more robust team, throughout the time of engagement.

Residential Unarmed Security

At private residential locations, Meridian Security Group can provide a polite staff for an intimate gathering needing added discretion and working with a Valet Service or other staff. Our officers can enforce access control, proper parking, provide unlock & lockup procedures and prevent theft & vandalism.

Executive Unarmed Security

Personal protection detail escorting an individual can be provided with minimal lead time or location arrangement. Examples are greeting a VIP at an airport or hotel for formal escort to and/or from an event, detailing a foreign dignitary or politician that necessitates an extra measure of security, or adding staff to a priority individual’s current security detail utilizing their knowledge of the local area.

Crowd management

New SC law requires night time establishments with multiple points of entry to have security officers on-site. Our Managing Staff has perfected communication among detail units and will oversee the team to create a seamless Security experience, which can include: Vehicle Patrol, Nightclub, Cocktail Lounge and Bar Crowd Management, ID Verification or Specialized Client-Requested Services. We have earned a prestigious reputation as we work with the most popular establishments and events in Charleston & Myrtle Beach.

Unarmed Security Training

Although Meridian Security Group encourages its Unarmed Security Staff to complete the 40 hour SC SLED Prime Plus Unarmed Training Program, the minimum requirement to complete the 4 hour SC SLED Prime Basic program is always upheld to an even higher standard, via the MERIDIAN METHODTM Training Program. For every Meridian Security client, a team is assembled to ensure that each post has met pre-set training requirements that all officers need to meet prior to working a post on their own. In order to ensure that the post-specific training requirements are met, Meridian Security logs all training completed with the team members profile and the employee cannot be scheduled to work that post if they do not meet the post-specific training requirements.

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